Expertise Amplification

Your business, empowered with software. You know your business, we know software. Combined, we're able to partner with you to collaborate and drive software innovation that will help your business scale and discover new success!


Expertise is trapped in your business


We are experts as learning your business


Together we create your unique solution

Why Does This Matter For you?

You get to focus on what you're good at

You don't have to know everything about software. That's our role. Our team is trained to collaborate with you and learn your business. This helps us to flesh out your opportunities with software together, and then deliver a tailored solution that will help you scale.

We discover new opportunities together

Rather than needing to have the scope of your project defined, we learn about what you need from a software solution together. This helps us discover new ways to deliver value. Ultimately, the software asset you receive through this partnership will be driven by your business goals and observed workflow.

You can make your strengths stronger

We don't simply want to create adequate custom software. We want to dive in to your company's needs and business goals to identify ways that technology can help you excel. Our goal is to deliver a tailored software solution that eliminates headaches, and drives your differentiators.

From the beginning, they quickly understood what we were trying to accomplish, doing an amazing job of immersing themselves into our “world” even though it was highly technical and specialized in nature. Within weeks, they produced foundational software we could begin to use incrementally, which immediately began to reduce our process time. Additionally, their iterative process allowed for quick adaptations to our almost continually changing requirements as our process advanced. This flexibility and their LightningCAD framework helped us meet our aggressive schedule with no surprises. In the end RoleModel exceeded our expectations, and delivered a final solution which allowed us to turn an idea into a now foundational revenue generating product.

John Ballard
Absolute Dental
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Let's Dig Deeper

At initial glance, it might seem like a company should know the total scope and vision behind a custom software project before exploring tailored software solutions. In reality however, many opportunities are discovered throughout the development process. At RoleModel, we recognize the importance of expertise in a field.

When it comes to your project, we respect your experience and mastery of your industry. Our goal is to bring our knowledge of custom software to the table and combine that with your industry expertise to create your custom software asset together. We call this expertise amplification.

We practice agile methodology which means that through team collaboration where we learn your business. As you share information and knowledge of your company's best practices, we're able to problem solve and deliver a software tool that propels your core competencies and amplifies your expertise. We want to work with you daily where we can show you working software early and often so that you can provide us with feedback. Your insight and subject knowledge is a critical part of the development process. By involving your experts into the discussion, we're able to learn about everything from your end to end workflow, your project management practices, and core business objectives. 

This process of custom software development ensures that you not only get a functioning tool, but rather the tailored asset you need. Because we've learned with your experts, actively tested the software through development and received feedback, your tailored software will deliver more value than initially envisioned. 

Your expertise - amplified with software. 

Pearson Higher Education - Expert knowledge automated

Pearson's education experts needed to 'amplify their expertise', by automating their knowledge so their users and less skilled employees could function more effectively. RoleModel's team dove into their business to understand their process and built a software asset that continues to scale with Pearson's growth.

This solution:

  • Enabled a 500% volume increase
  • Reduced personnel training time
  • Freed up experts to focus on complex cases

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What Makes us Your Ideal Partner?

Absolute Dental - Turning an idea into a foundational revenue generating product

RoleModel's Craftsmen collaborated with Absolute Dental's technicians to learn their domain and design process. This partnership produced an improved workflow, and a design tool that ensured product feasibility. 

Absolute Dental's team: 

  • Saved over 50% on design time 
  • Have a tool that accurately reflects their domain
  • Produces files ready for 3D printing

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