Process Scaling

We focus on your process first, and the software second. This lets us create software that strengthens your competitive advantage with a sustainable software asset that scales with you through our long-term partnership.

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Identify opportunities unique to your business


Process first, Software second


Scale value through long-term partnership

We want to help your company grow!
By focusing on your process, and then how to enhance that with software, we're able to create a sustainable software solution that doesn't just work, but enables your company to scale.
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Process Scaling Applied

If you're overusing spreadsheets, or noticing gaps in your workflow, our focus on your business can result in a partnership that will help you scale. 

1. Identify Opportunities Unique to Your Business

Reschcor was able to save 10-12 labor hours a week as a result of software that took a spreadsheet-dependent workflow and transformed their process with an intuitive user-experience and enhanced data management. Collaboratively, RoleModel and Reschcor were able to identify improvements to their process that was then enabled with sustainable custom software. 

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2. Process First, Software Second

RapidAir had a bottleneck in design and needed to streamline their design to delivery process. By learning their business, and digging in to their workflow, RoleModel's partnership with RapidAir resulted in a solution that reduced estimation time from days to hours. 

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3. Scale Value Through Long-Term Partnership

C12 created a foundation with their custom software project that allowed them to get a return on their investment quickly, and is now continuing to add sophistication to their software through their long-term relationship with RoleModel.

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We can help you identify ways to eliminate these headaches, and deliver software tools to bridge the gaps.
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They have great members that are truly a joy to work with; they’re high-quality people... Our software has recently been launched to franchise owners and members. However, we continue to work with RoleModel to further develop the platform and make changes to it.

David White
Director of Technology & Services
C12 Forums

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With over 25 years of refinement, our proven approach enables us to efficiently deliver sustainable software projects.

We start by collaborating with you to clarify your needs and explore your options.

Then we work together to build your solution, delivering value quickly without surprises, so you can be confident in your investment.

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