RoleModel is growing, and we're looking for people who value character, collaboration, and craftsmanship to join our team.

Company Overview

We create custom software for our customers, tailored to their business needs, by collaborating with them. We hire people who want to live out our core values of Character, Craftsmanship, and Collaboration. We offer you the opportunity to help shape and refine the products we develop at our growing company.

The Mission – Why We Exist
To glorify God through service to business innovators and colleagues as we craft sustainable software systems.

The Vision – What We Are Working Toward
Our 10-year goal is to deliver 100 software projects that provide expertise amplification (new or significantly improved capabilities or processes). While positively impacting the trajectory of employees’ lives. We have a 25-year track record of delivering for customers, and we want to be known as the partner who can help customers get it done.

Our Values – How We Will Accomplish This Mission
Our Core Values (Character, Collaboration, and Craftsmanship) are the tools we use and the behaviors we exhibit as employees of RoleModel Software.

Available Positions

Homepage 3.jpgWe are always looking for qualified candidates who would like to be considered. Specifically:

Submit your resume at [email protected]

Craftsmanship Academy

RoleModel's focus on long-term growth leads to run our Craftsmanship Academy each year to train up another cohort of junior contributors that see the potential of growing into Craftsmen over time. 

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