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We’re experts at learning your business, and extracting the knowledge of your company’s experts so that together we build the tailored solution that your company needs.

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We are experts at learning your business


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What Expertise can we help you Amplify?
Focus on what you're good at, and let us help you identify opportunities with technology to bolster your strengths.
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Expertise Amplification Applied

Our team is more than just developers. We actively learn your business, love a challenge, and want to be your guide in technology. See some examples below! 

1. Expertise is Trapped in Your Business

Pearson's education experts needed to 'amplify their expertise', by automating their knowledge so their users and less skilled employees could function more effectively. RoleModel's team dove into their business to understand their process and built a software asset that continues to scale with Pearson's growth.

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2. We're Experts at Learning Your Business

Upward was wasting time with disjointed technology and had to rely heavily on the expertise of key employees. 

At RoleModel, we learned their business intimately, and collaboratively developed a solution with Upward to streamline their workflow. 

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3. Together We Create Your Ideal Solution

RoleModel's Craftsmen collaborated with Absolute Dental's technicians to learn their domain and design process. By working closely with Absolute's experts, this partnership produced an improved workflow, and a design tool that ensured product feasibility. 

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Your Guide in the Search for a Solution
Curious about your opportunities with a custom software solution?
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From the beginning, they quickly understood what we were trying to accomplish, doing an amazing job of immersing themselves into our “world” even though it was highly technical and specialized in nature. In the end delivered a solution which allowed us to turn an idea into a revenue generating product.

John Ballard
Absolute Dental

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