Who is RoleModel Software?

Our Purpose

Glorifying God by applying our craft to serve business innovators and colleagues.

RoleModel Software is a world-class, collaborative software development team dedicated to delivering the highest quality custom web and mobile software solutions while cultivating a work environment where community, family, learning, and mentoring flourish.

Founder Ken Auer, established RoleModel in 1997 with the goal of helping businesses succeed with scalable software. Over the years, that mission hasn’t changed. After over 20 years in business and over 100 successful projects, RoleModel continues to guide and provide for their clients. RoleModel’s CEO Caleb Woods leads the team towards constant improvement and success, delivering high value tailored software solutions.

Our Core Values


We seek to emulate the perfect model of character - Jesus Christ. (Philippians 2)


We deliver superior results as a highly collaborative team. We cultivate personal and professional growth by working together. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)


We build exceptional products tailored to our clients’ needs. (Proverbs 22:29)


Ken Auer


For over four decades, Ken has applied his craft as a leader of high-performance development teams. He founded RoleModel in 1997 and now serves as Chief Product Officer, driving the vision and implementation of technical products.

Caleb Woods


Caleb is a proven leader with extensive experience evaluating technology trends, leading teams, and implementing best practices. As CEO, Caleb promotes continuous improvement while cultivating a collaborative work environment.

Roy Miller


Roy plays an active role in managing and supporting many functions at RoleModel. From startups to multinational consulting projects, Roy’s 25+ years of leadership experience gives him the ability to drive success across the board.

Business Consultation

Our core values drive what we do at RoleModel Software, but the extension of those values mean that we truly seek to serve our business clients and deliver value quickly and accurately. As a B2B custom software company, our competency goes beyond delivering high quality software. Each member of our team is dedicated to a business improvement mentality where software is created with your context front of mind. 

Every partnership we initiate starts with business consultation where we dive into your context and learn about your business at a deep level. Your needs and values become a part of our daily focus. Because of this dedication to your business, RoleModel Software is considered as much a business consultancy as a world-class software development team.

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