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We share our experience with you in a partnership to guide you through the custom software development process. Since 1997, we've developed our proven approach to benchmark best practices that help make your tailored software solution a success. 

Our Focuses


Expertise Amplification


Iterative Value


Process Scaling

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They’ve managed the project flawlessly from presentation to execution. The whole team has done a phenomenal job of understanding our company, scoping the work and identifying key points, and eventually implementing the solution.

Brian Goetz
Omega Industrial Safety

Our Approach Explained

Just about every software development company says they're “agile” today. We’re a bit different in that we’ve been agile innovators since the beginning. We do agile how it was meant to be done, in a way that provides you with the optimal collaborative experience.

We use our own agile approach honed by experience. That approach is significantly different from one dividing work into waterfall steps which need to be finished before moving on to the next one. What we believe you need is a partner who collaborates well, and whom you can count on to work with you to create a system you and your users will love.

Our Approach

Sustainable software assets are created through collaboration with our partners facilitated by our proven approach. Our experience gives you the opportunity to dive into your software project with confidence. Our approach ensures that you get an early ROI, and a long-term solution. 

Expertise Amplication

Through our Discover and Explore phases, we learn your business deeply in order to codify your expertise into software that delivers what you actually need, even if that can’t be defined at the beginning. 

Iterative Value

Our approach is structured to provide you with a fast return on your investment, while creating a sustainable foundation that can grow with your company. After your first release, you can easily add sophistication incrementally 

Process Scaling

We’re not just order takers in software. We focus on your competitive advantage so what we build together ultimately fits your business perfectly. Emphasizing your process first and software second ensures value in the long-term, with a partnership that supports your software asset. 

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RoleModel stood out in our selection process because of their development methodology. They come out of the XP (extreme programming) tradition, and we very much appreciated their depth of experience and the ways in which they've evolved this approach over the years.

Jascha Swisher
NC State University

Your business is our focus through every phase of your project

Expertise Amplification

We’re experts at learning your business, and extracting the knowledge of your company’s experts so that together we build the tailored solution that your company needs.

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Iterative Value

See value quickly with working software by incrementally building on a sustainable foundation, while staying aligned to your business goals with tight feedback loops

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Process Scaling

We focus on your process first, and the software second. This lets us create software that strengthens your competitive advantage with a sustainable software asset that scales with you through our long-term partnership.

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All of our teams are lead by a Craftsmen

Our collaborative teams are led by Craftsmen. Craftsmen are highly trained and experienced in both business awareness and software development so that your business goals and value drivers are front-of-mind while building your project and require:


Over 10,000 Hours Project Experience

2,000 hours of active project leadership. 2,000 hours working in a clear “services” position. 4,000 hours of experience in “The RoleModel Way.”


Project Diversity

Significant role in at least 8 projects, in at least 4 distinct environments. Personally led at least 2 successful, non-trivial, projects. Supported at least 2 projects that have lasted more than a year in production.


Technology Diversity

Professional level experience with at least 2 technology stacks used in real-world web or mobile projects. Proven competence in at least one additional stack.

Collaborative Project Management

RoleModel’s approach to project management is something we’ve honed over decades. Our project management approach is designed with one thing in mind—delivering valuable software to the partner. Everything we do as part of that approach is designed to mitigate the risk that comes with custom software projects. By using the proper tools and standardized methods we can deliver excellent projects with consistency.

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