Why Work With RoleModel?

Our high performance team uses a collaborative approach to deliver superior results.

Collaborative Agility

We use a highly collaborative agile process to extract the business expertise from your brain and turn it into working software assets that can pay you back for years.

Just about every software development company says they're “agile” today. We have been agile innovators since the beginning. We do agile the way it was meant to be, in a way that's a joy for you to be part of as our customer.

We focus on extracting every ounce of value from multiple, tight, interacting feedback loops. That dramatically improves your odds of getting the software you end up wanting when the project is done, not what you thought you wanted when you started.

Our typical project phases


Intuitive software, tailored for user efficiency

Great software is measured by how useful it is to the people that rely on it for their work. Our design approach ensures that the software we build is tailored to those users’ unique needs and workflows. We accomplish this by rapidly prototyping and testing with the actual people who will have to use the software when it launches.

We start testing prototypes in the first couple of days on a project, and we continue this cycle of testing and refining until we launch. This helps us uncover and correct faulty assumptions early and often in the project, while there's still time to turn them into value-maximizing opportunities.


This one-time investment allows us to collaborate with you and collectively share an understanding of your business value needs in order to identify your potential software solution. Typically this process takes a week or less.


Rubber meets the road where we develop a walking skeleton (an early deliverable of working software), create a road map to define your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and refine our estimate of your investment. This process will last 1-3 weeks.


In a series of 2-week iterations*, we create your MVP and validate quality and performance with your users. The time for this depends on project complexity, but commonly takes 1-6 months. You’ll see new working software nearly every day throughout.


Once you have your MVP, we help you add more value by adding to and refining what you have. You can do this as many times as you want, with pauses in between if you wish. We’ll be ready to help you as your long-term partner whenever the time is right.


We believe in what we build for you, so we’re dedicated to support you along the way, including regular monthly maintenance and unscheduled support. Support contracts usually run from 5-20% of your initial build investment in the first year.

Craftsmen-led development teams

It takes time and hard-won experience to know the difference between essential feedback and time-wasting noise. Our Software Craftsmen have that experience, which is why they oversee all of our projects.

We don't have “junior” developers. We have trained our team to have a shared foundation of software development principles and practices. We have people at differing levels of experience and expertise, but all are guided by Craftsmen actively mentoring them.

What it means to be a Craftsman at RoleModel

We don’t bestow the title “Craftsmen” casually. It takes work to become a Craftsman here. They earn it, you benefit from it. Having Craftsmen lead our projects maximizes the business value you’ll get out of your project, and minimizes your time to get it. Each of our Craftsmen have proven that they meet or exceed the following requirements:


Over 10,000 Hours

2,000 hours have included explicit “leadership” positions 2,000 hours have been in a clear “services” position (i.e. serving explicit clients) 4,000 hours of experience in “The RoleModel Way”


Project Diversity

Significant role in at least 8 projects, in at least 4 distinct environments Personally led at least 2 successful, non-trivial, projects Supported at least 2 projects that have lasted more than a year in production


Technology Diversity

Professional level experience with at least 2 technology stacks used in real-world web or mobile projects Competence in at least one additional stack

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