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The Customization Story

American Muscle Docks came to us looking to improve their overall dock selling process. From designing to visualizing to estimating, American Muscle had thus far been feeling the strain of doing each of these separately and manually. They used SketchUp to model their designs, which was a slow process, and not one that they could bring their customers in on. AM Docks recognized how important visual selling was to their product, and undefinedwanted something that could provide an intriguing experience for their customers. AM Docks was also dealing with issues from data entry mistakes which we realized could be solved by automation.

As the process began, the task list grew. AM Docks has a wide variety of parts that make up their docks, and we realized that it would be especially necessary on this project to prioritize effectively. Their most common product was their wood dock, so we started there. We introduced visualization for their dock accessories (cleats, rub rail, pile guides, pipe holds, and more), removal of decking to see internal hardware, and an updated pricing system and breakdown. We also worked with them to figure out what other operational features would streamline their process. 


The result of this push was an improved PDF plan download, options to update pricing, and the ability to add additional items to the displayed pricing breakdown, to name a few. Before long, the AM Docks team was seeing the Dock Designer platform with their products integrated, allowing for intuitive and powerful design.

By the time their minimum viable product was completed, AM Docks’ three most common dock types were supported, along with the accessories that come with them. They had a platform that would not only work well internally, but they could also push it to their website to allow customers to design their own docks with the peace of mind that the designer would ensure each dock fit their standards. American Muscle Docks received a customized solution that pulled in their extensive product catalog while staying organized and easy to use.

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