3Q3M Episode 8. "Leading Projects" with Tim Irwin

by Jamey Meeker

Marketing Director Jamey Meeker interviews RoleModel Craftsman Time Irwin on what project leadership looks like at RoleModel Software

3Q3M Episode 6 - "What is a Craftsman?" with John Calvin Young

by Theo Luciano

What makes a software craftsman, and why you want one on your project.

Pay For Software Based on Its Performance

by Theo Luciano

I can't afford a huge price tag for the software I need. Is there another option for me?

3Q3M  -  What, Why, How of DPQ Software with Ken Auer - Episode 5

by Theo Luciano

What is design price quote, why is it important, and how does it work?

3Q3M — Getting Started with a Software Project with Caleb Woods — Episode 4

by Theo Luciano

CEO Caleb Woods discusses how you can know if you're ready for custom software.

School for Startups Radio - Ken Auer

by Ken Auer

RoleModel's Ken Auer joins the School for Startups Radio podcast to talk about RoleModel Software and what we do for our clients.

Leadership Practices That Position You For Success In A Software Company

by Caleb Woods

Caleb Woods, from RoleModel Software joins Dr. Tolu Adeleye to discuss unique angles of what it takes to shift from being a technical role in a software company to a key leadership role that involves amongst other things, growing a team of software engineers. Listen in to hear about Caleb’s take on how developing software cannot be done in a vacuum; implying the vital need to bring into play factors such as business analysis and more. Get to learn how Caleb fortifies his leadership positioning through small daily practices that add up on the long run.

How An Agile Approach In Software Development Helps Grow Companies

by Caleb Woods

How an agile approach in software development helps grow companies. Guest: Caleb Woods Caleb Woods is the CTO – Software Craftsman at RoleModel Software. RoleModel Software partners with its clients to understand their unique business context and create custom software that turns their “secret sauce” into an enhanced competitive edge.

Transforming an Expert into an Expert System

by Ken Auer

Talking about how “software”, “computer systems” and “experts” come together and cutting through some of the AI hype.

CPQ + CAD? Introducing DPQ!

by Theo Luciano

In the manufacturing and design world, computer-aided design (CAD) is a commonly used tool. It is just what its name implies: the use of computers to assist with any aspect and stage of a design. The introduction of CAD allowed for greater quality, productivity, repeatability, and communication for those using ...