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You might need custom software if:


You want to scale your business


Off-the-shelf software doesn't fit your needs


You’re over-using spreadsheets

We're the ones to talk to
If you’ve identified an opportunity or simply recognized a problem, we’re the ones to talk to! Everything we do starts with consultation where we learn your business and help you identify opportunities with software.
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You should have software that fits your business

Every business needs software, but custom software can allow you to own your competitive advantage with a solution that can grow with your business. Investing in custom software can:


Streamline your workflow


Eliminate errors


Increase team productivity

Hear from one of our partners on their experience

Upward wanted to build a sustainable and efficient platform, customized to their workflow with room to grow and scale. RoleModel partnered with Upward to build a solution tailored to their business, that added visibility to their workflow, and simplified the tasks of their users.

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Your business is our focus

1. Expertise Amplification

We’re experts at learning your business, and extracting the knowledge of your company’s experts so that together we build the tailored solution that your company needs.

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2. Iterative Value

See value quickly with working software by incrementally building on a sustainable foundation, while staying aligned to your business goals with tight feedback loops

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3. Process Scaling

We focus on your process first, and the software second. This lets us create software that strengthens your competitive advantage with a sustainable software asset that scales with you through our long-term partnership.

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Let’s talk about your options
To find out if we’re the right fit for your project, one of our seasoned software project veterans would love to talk to you.
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Lean in and connect with the RoleModel team. They have great members that are truly a joy to work with; they’re high-quality people.

David White
Director of Technology & Services
C12 Business Forums

Our Proven Approach

With 25 years of refinement, our proven approach enables us to efficiently deliver sustainable software projects.

We start by collaborating with you to clarify your needs and explore your options.

Then we work together to build your solution, delivering value quickly without surprises, so you can be confident in your investment.

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Company Highlights


Years in Business


Multi-Project Clients


Team Members


Offshore Developers

Your Full-Service Software Development Partner

Our philosophy is that your custom software becomes the hub that facilitates the connection with 3rd Party solutions (where applicable), so you don’t have to build everything from scratch. That allows you to focus custom software development on the parts of the process that are unique to your business and where the value potential is highest.



Our development team is experienced building sustainable web applications using leading edge technologies.



Whether a responsive web app or a native application, our team starts with a mobile first approach on every applicable project.


UI/UX Design

Our designers integrate into development teams to create designs that anticipate and adapt to change.

LightningCAD If your company follows rules with your products, designs, layouts, and more, LightningCAD can help automate and streamline your workflow. 

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On-shore Team

Our highly collaborative 30+ member, on-shore team has decades of collective experience creating and supporting multiple software systems in a broad range of industries from healthcare to manufacturing to agriculture.

Recent Case Studies

From a limiting LMS system to a tailored iOS application to enhance student engagement with a polished user experience.

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A disjointed system became a unified process simplified for each of the different types of users in a rent-to-own company.

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Migrated a foundational software product into a sustainable enterprise software solution

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Let’s talk about your options
To find out if we’re the right fit for your project, one of our seasoned software project veterans would love to talk to you.
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