Maverick Solutions - Custom Enterprise Training Software Solution

From a foundational system to an enterprise software asset

Key Points of Value: 

  • Migrated a foundational software product into a sustainable enterprise software solution
  • Created custom software that can grow and scale with the business
  • Drastically reduced time requirements for content management and reporting
  • Enabled the delivery of customized training content that can easily maintained and updated
  • Improved User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)
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Our collaboration with RoleModel has embodied a true partnership. The level of engagement and expertise of the RoleModel team has been key to our success and has always felt like an extension of the Maverick team. They took great care delivering a quality solution as well as utilizing a truly agile methodology to ensure the most clear and effective environment possible.

Paul McClintock
VP of Product
Maverick Solutions

The Story: 

What happens when your software is not serving the business as it should, or when you recognize that the system you built can’t scale without major changes or a rewrite? Inefficiency is costly. Should you make do as long as you can, or do you take the opportunity to evaluate your company goals and establish a technology foundation that helps your company succeed and scale in the long-term? 

Maverick created a training system that was not able to sustain their growth. Not only did Maverick need to improve the original training system to scale and grow, but had opportunities in the market that were unreachable without a system upgrade. 

By choosing to re-platform to a sustainable architecture, Maverick now has a software asset that serves as a foundation to scale with their business as they continue to deliver best in class digital training to the world's largest brands.


Maverick Solutions provides training content and simulations that can be customized to a customer’s environment to leverage Enterprise software and enable a smooth rollout. Their training modules are configured into ‘Learning Paths’ from a content library with thousands of custom and standard training components. They needed software to enable better content management and reporting capabilities along with providing a more polished user experience for their customers.

The Problem

Maverick Solutions hired an internal development team to create a custom content delivery software platform titled ‘Engage 2.0’, but they quickly realized that their new software’s architecture limited their ability to scale and grow to their full potential.

Ultimately, they needed a system that would not only enable their company to immediately operate more effectively, but would also provide a foundation that would allow them to scale and add features for years to come. 

Migrating from their previous system with historical data and content, to an enterprise-level product required a large vision and solid strategy for iterative development. RoleModel successfully helped Maverick navigate the tradeoffs in this impactful custom software development process. 

The Solution

Introducing ‘Engage 3.0’. RoleModel Software worked with Maverick Solutions to split the rebuild into multiple phases to fit their budget and deliver value early and reduce the risk of rebuilding everything at once. This process let Maverick utilize their tool in its early stages, see the ROI, and iteratively add their desired features. Additionally, RoleModel was able to help Maverick identify, recommend, and coach an internal product owner on Maverick’s team to improve communication and ensure that their custom software asset stayed on track with every further development. 

Engage 3.0 also delivers a polished and customizable user interface that matches the branding and UI of their system to the workflow of their customers and increases Maverick’s effectiveness to sell their services. Maverick is now equipped with better backend reporting capabilities helping with ROI visibility and customer retention success.

The Results

From a system unaligned with Maverick's long-term vision, to an enterprise-level software asset; rebuilding their existing system gave Maverick the competitive edge they needed to scale and better serve their customers. Now, Maverick’s content library is successfully migrated into their new software asset which facilitates customizable training modules that fit their client’s work environment, offers white labeling for their customers’ brand, and provides exceptional content management and reporting capabilities for their internal team. 

Because of Engage 3.0, Maverick has started seeing drastic time savings, with more capabilities to better serve their customers. Ultimately, they now have a software foundation that can grow with their business. 

The collaboration between Maverick and RoleModel Software is an excellent depiction of how content migration, system rebuild intricacies, and timeline and budgetary constraints are simply obstacles that can be overcome with efficient development practices and a proven approach.

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