Omega Industrial

Guard Rail and Safety Barrier Rules-Based Design Software

Unique Features:

  • Specifically customized for industrial guard rail design
  • Includes a network of product accessories
  • Powers warehouse management and product control
  • UX/UI tailored to their users
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They’ve managed the project flawlessly from presentation to execution. The whole team has done a phenomenal job of understanding our company, scoping the work and identifying key points, and eventually implementing the solution.

Brian Goetz
General Manager
Omega Industrial Safety

The Customization Story:

Omega manufactures industrial safety barriers and metal guard rails. When they came to RoleModel Software, they were looking for a way to automate and streamline their design and estimation process. RoleModel learned Omega's business goals and became familiar with their desired workflow to collaboratively customize a design tool to fit their needs.

Their guard rails follow a specific set of rules on how they can be designed. Their customized Railing Designer solution now automates their product relationships, and provides a user-guided design experience that expedites the time it takes to go from estimate to delivery. 

Omega’s product lines are accurately represented visually, and deliver instant estimates, parts list breakdowns, and project management to assist their warehouse effectiveness and inventory visibility.

Additionally, RoleModel Software added an array of accessories that can be added to their guard rail designs. 

We want to customize a tool for you! Whatever your design needs are, RoleModel’s development team is ready to listen and tailor your solution to fit your workflow and company goals.

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