Science & Research

Complex domains require the touch of an expert to create expert systems. When it comes to science and research custom software applications, it's critically important to hire a team that has proven experience learning challenging operations and workflows in order to collaboratively build an effective software solution.

Key Takeaways

Control Your Data

When passing critical data through your workflow, every limitation opens the door for time waste, errors, and customer dissatisfaction. Custom software will deliver data visibility and ensure your team's peak performance.

Automate for More Accuracy

Data validation, improved audit trails, and an improved end to end workflow can be achieved with custom software. Automating key areas of your process will help you scale, and enable improved data accuracy. (See Process Improvement)

Streamline Your Workflow

Spreadsheets and segmented database management can be a major roadblocks. Our team is experienced at learning your business to create software that serves your ideal workflow. (See Business Scaling)

They were able to take a complex scientific process and learn very quickly how to enable it. RoleModel Software was able to reduce lead time by 12 weeks and exceeded the client's expectations. They had good project management skills and assured full engagement by the entire team. In order to keep everyone updated, they had daily standup and iteration reviews.

Rick Jessee
Head of Operational & Business Excellence
Biotech Company

Your Expertise Plus Our Custom Software Experience

The quality of your data accuracy and management is essential to your success. That's why we pride ourselves in working with you to understand your end to end workflow, then collaborate together to create your ideal solution. We have proven experience in the scientific research, biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical space crafting tailored solutions that ensure optimal end to end performance.
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Let's Dig Deeper

We find a lot of companies struggling to find the right SaaS to fit their workflow because they have unique processes that don't fit the mold of what's already created. In the world of Science and Research this is all too common.

Often times, companies involved with large amounts of crucial data will still use spreadsheets to manage their process. If you are experiencing the limitations of spreadsheets, or underperforming SaaS applications, custom software could be the answer.

Why RoleModel?

Each of our team members are highly experienced at diving into the domain of our clients to not only learn their business and operations, but also collaborate to identify pain points and objectives to address with tailored software.

After working with numerous science and research companies in biotech, pharma, and healthcare (and more), we are confident in our ability to help your team discover methods for improving your audit trail, workflow cues, and total end to end process in ways that will help normalize your data and streamline your workflow with greater accuracy.

No matter how complex your domain, or how challenging your needed integrations may be, the RoleModel team can clarify your opportunities with technology and advise the best course of action.

Case Study Highlights

Custom application replacing spreadsheets for complex processes

  • Custom application accurately reflects scientists’ domain
  • Allows specification of complex biological and chemical processes
  • Supports version control and version comparisons of Bills of Materials
  • Minimum Viable Product delivered in 15 weeks

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Robust research and drug discovery solutions for chemists and biologists

  • Collaborate with cross-functional development teams and R&D scientists
  • Create a new Compound Profiling Data Portal (CPDP) with a simplified UX
  • Deliver a working prototype within just a few weeks
  • Make future releases easier and faster
  • Reduce development costs and increase IT team customer satisfaction scores by more than 500%

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Software performance boards to drive consistency, save wall space, and reduce printing

  • Create digital performance boards on 65" touch screens to be visually similar to the paper-based ones teams were used to
  • Allow authorized personnel to update all boards with company-wide information easily
  • Support team member access to boards wherever they are in the facility
  • Avoid paper waste from existing paper-based boards

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