Year in Review 2022

25th Anniversary

In 2022 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of RoleModel Software. 

We are so blessed and want to take a moment to thank our clients, partners, and employees for an impactful 25 years in business. We love collaborating with our partners and are thankful they trust us to enhance their business. With this anniversary, we are spending time reflecting on everything we have accomplished this year. 

Growing the Middle

Our 2022 theme was “growing the middle”. We wanted to focus on growing the number of medium-sized businesses we partner with, as well as paying special attention to the middle levels of our company. We have many wonderful Craftsmen who work with our partners to build their ideal custom solutions. We are also fortunate to have many recent graduates of our Craftsmanship Academy who are growing in their skills as developers.

This year, we concentrated on building the people in the middle to bridge the gap; we celebrated several promotions and hired eight people, including three mid-level developers. We focused on growing the number of medium-sized business partners by expanding the reach of our Design Price Quote (DPQ) solutions. Curtis Bos joined us as the Product Manager for LightningCAD/DPQ, and we hired our Marketing Communication Specialist (Becky Passner).


In 2022 we strengthened partnerships and began new ones. We worked with Cultivate Leadership Institute (CLI) to develop an IOS app and a hybrid web app so students could navigate the lesson plans for their program. RoleModel’s work with CLI continues to expand the software so it can be licensed to other organizations. We had the opportunity to interview their president, Dr. Eric Freeman, about their experience working with RoleModel.  We also worked closely with Upward Management Group, diving into their expertise in the rent-to-own industry. We got the opportunity to visit their offices and get feedback on their software. 

This year gave us the opportunity to partner with companies across a variety of industries—three projects to highlight are solutions for Winslow Homes, Methodist Homes for Children, and the US Air Force’s RED HORSE squadron.

Winslow Homes is a custom home builder that faces ever-changing building costs. RoleModel built them a flexible system that made it easy to update prices across the system without changing locked-in estimates. This flexibility helps them ensure they can give their customers accurate estimates.

Methodist Homes for Children is a non-profit that works with children in their care to build life skills. They needed a way to track interactions with their clients and their resident counselors. RoleModel built them a system where users can input information quickly. The system produces visual representations of the data so the resident counselors can show a child’s progress, and track interactions over a period of time. Saving dozens of hours of time per week and vastly improving the quality of care with more accurate data.

RED HORSE is a squadron of the US Air Force that builds airfields. They wanted a better way to find the most efficient place to build a runway for different aircraft. RoleModel is building a system that allows them to import a topographical map and the software automatically calculates the best place to build the runway. 

In our partnerships, we often focus on expertise amplification, creating iterative value, and process scaling. In 2022, we grew the number of projects that involved expertise amplification by 40%. These projects took a complex process and automated it with set rules and parameters within the business context, resulting in quicker and more efficient processes without needing the expert on hand.

Our Team

Each of our partnerships have been possible because of our great team. Every year, we go on an annual company retreat to focus on our collaboration as a company. This year, we spent a weekend in Williamsburg, VA. The retreat is a time of focusing on our goals for the year ahead, both personal and professional. It also gives us time to connect as a company since many of us work remotely. We value the time we spend together, getting to know each other better and creating memories as a group.

We are thankful for our team and the work they do and are excited to celebrate their efforts. 2022 was the most impactful year of RoleModel's history and we look forward to increasing our capacity to serve our clients even more in 2023!