3Q3M Episode 8. "Leading Projects" with Tim Irwin

by Jamey Meeker

Marketing Director Jamey Meeker interviews RoleModel Craftsman Time Irwin on what project leadership looks like at RoleModel Software

3Q3M Episode 6 - "What is a Craftsman?" with John Calvin Young

by Theo Luciano

What makes a software craftsman, and why you want one on your project.

3Q3M  -  What, Why, How of DPQ Software with Ken Auer - Episode 5

by Theo Luciano

What is design price quote, why is it important, and how does it work?

3Q3M — Getting Started with a Software Project with Caleb Woods — Episode 4

by Theo Luciano

CEO Caleb Woods discusses how you can know if you're ready for custom software.

3Q3M — 3 Questions Everyone Wants Answered with Roy Miller — Episode 3

by Theo Luciano

In this episode of 3Q3M, Roy Miller, COO of RoleModel Software, answers common questions about the custom software development process.

3Q3M — Common Misconceptions of Custom Software — Episode 1

by Theo Luciano

We only see a project as successful when we win together. In the first episode of our new video series 3 Questions in 3 Minutes (or 3Q3M), RoleModel Software’s marketing director, Jamey Meeker, sat down with incoming CEO Caleb Woods to discuss three common misconceptions regarding custom software. As the ...

3Q3M — Software Products vs. Custom Software with Ken Auer — Episode 2

by Theo Luciano

The three questions for this episode center around software products versus custom software.