3Q3M Episode 8. "Leading Projects" with Tim Irwin

Craftsman Tim Irwin discusses how RoleModel Software leads projects effectively. Through collaborative decision making, our partnerships result in added confidence with our projects, an accurate delivery, and clear communication throughout the development process.

Watch the video:


Tim answers the questions:

1. What does collaborative decision making mean at RoleModel? 

2. How does collaboration lead to confidence in a project? 

3. What's a real world example of how RoleModel's approach to project leadership helped insure a project's success? 

Not only does RoleModel have an exceptional development team, but each member is also trained on how to help our partners navigate difficult decisions with their technology landscape, and come up with a plan and vision that leads to success and a sustainable software asset. 

Reach out with any questions you have about technology or custom software development, and we would love to help you find answers!