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3Q3M — Common Misconceptions of Custom Software — Episode 1

Theo Luciano


March 23, 2021

We only see a project as successful when we win together.

In the first episode of our new video series 3 Questions in 3 Minutes (or 3Q3M), RoleModel Software’s marketing director, Jamey Meeker, sat down with incoming CEO Caleb Woods to discuss three common misconceptions regarding custom software. As the new CEO, Caleb plans to continue the legacy of the company that has remained throughout the 20+ years of business by building on the company’s success as an agile organization through sustainable growth. He emphasized our focus on helping customers “amplify their expertise” and ultimately helping them scale their processes and businesses.

Diving into the topic for the video, the first misconception of custom software is that it is “too risky”. Caleb acknowledges that custom software can certainly be risky, but then points out how RoleModel Software looks for every opportunity to mitigate that risk. By creating a “walking skeleton” and getting working software into the hands of real users as quickly as possible, RoleModel works with the customer to make sure that they are getting the right software on a daily basis, not just at the end of the project. The customer knows exactly what they’re getting throughout the entire process, which eliminates a lot of the risk involved.

The second misconception Caleb addresses is that custom software is “too complicated”. He agrees that custom software can be complicated, which is why we focus on the development while you focus on your area of expertise. Our process is set up to allow us to learn your domain so we can reach a point where we’re working together to solve your problems. Because of the high level of collaboration, customers won’t be confused by the features they see. The result will be a tailored solution that you’ve been able to guide from start to finish.

Finally, Caleb addresses the misconception that custom software is just “too expensive”. There may be off-the-shelf software options out there that are cheaper than custom software, but if they’re only covering 80 percent of your needs instead of 100 percent, what are you missing out on in terms of revenue or opportunities? That’s when it would be smart to consider the investment aspect of your solution. This isn’t solved by dumping a bunch of money into visionless software. We start small, providing a return in the form of usable software, which we can then iterate on as the time is right. At RoleModel Software, we want to partner with you and support you along the way. Caleb says “We only see a project as successful when we win together”.

Watch the full video here!

Stay tuned for more episodes of 3Q3M in the coming days!