Order management, data control, batch estimates, process visibility. as a manufacturing company, we know that you handle a large amount of data, where timing and accuracy is crucial to success. Often times, using spreadsheets, and disjointed communication causes hold ups in the manufacturing process that costs you money. At RoleModel, we have a proven track record of collaborating with you to identify your ideal workflow, and delivering software that delivers exactly what you need. Stop working around a system and build a solution that works for you!

Key Takeaways


Manage Your Data

Ensure your ideal end to end process with a customized workflow that performs with precision.


Powerful Integrations

Eliminate issues like double data entry by seamless integrations with your ERP.


Better Estimations

Get faster and more accurate estimates through automation and process control.

I run a family owned, medium-sized manufacturing business that faces tough competition every day. We had some ideas for custom software that we knew could help our business, but wanted to be careful about who we picked to work with. I found RoleModel Software with a web search, we met, and then started working together. Our data shows that the new software achieved a labor savings of 10-12 hours a week and an overall ROI of >30%. I would recommend them to any business that wants good value.

Tom Reschly
Reschcor Inc.
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Data Management & Communication

You know your process and ideal workflow. Perhaps it's time to create a tailored end to end process that allows your company to perform without any roadblocks. 

There are two main points worth evaluating: 

As a custom software company, our defining differentiator is that we actively work with our partners to learn their domain from both a business and technical point of view so that together we can identify your ideal workflow, and then develop the right tools to establish sustainable software that will improve and accelerate your options. 

Over the years we've helped manufacturing companies streamline their workflow. By learning their business and collaborating to identify needs and opportunities, we're able to deliver tailored software assets that help companies scale. 

No matter what type of manufacturing you're involved with, our team is eager and ready to sit down and discuss your options. Our experts have helped manufacturing companies in: additive manufacturing, biotech, contract manufacturing, custom plastic extrusion, and more. 

Reschcor - Custom Plastic Extrusion

Reschcor needed a solution to streamline their workflow. This plastic fabrication company saved 10-12 labor hours a week with their tailored software solution.

  • allows multiple departments and sales reps to create estimates and orders
  • integrates seamlessly with the company ERP system to eliminate double data entry
  • provides a digital work queue
  • delivered an overall ROI of >30%

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Biotech Manufacturing - Process Management

This custom app eliminated spreadsheet dependence, and enabled this biotech company to scale and produce faster results with more accuracy.

  • accurately reflects scientists’ domain
  • allows specification of complex biological and chemical processes
  • supports version control and version comparisons of Bills of Materials
  • minimum viable product delivered in 15 weeks

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Absolute Dental - Additive Manufacturing

Design and delivery streamlined with this user-guided 3D design tool. Technicians have saved over 50% on design time.

  • Expert knowledge translated into seamless 3D automation
  • Cloud-based system accessible to a wider audience
  • Delivers files ready for 3D printing
  • Enabled product feasibility

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