AEC: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction are fields that require an understanding to effectively serve with technology. At RoleModel Software we've got the opportunity to partner with numerous clients in this space delivering sustainable custom software assets.

Key opportunities for AEC companies:


1. We learn your business

We recognize that your company is unique. That’s why our team are dedicated to learning your differentiators and helping you identify ways that software can help your business thrive.


2. Value-driven development

We want to show you working software early and often. We drive towards your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), to get value into your hands quickly, and have your team actively testing your tailored software solution.


3. LightningCAD technology

3D design, drafting technology, and CAD programs all offer potential value to your company, but also come with limitations. With our LightningCAD framework we can create user-guided design tools that streamline your end-to-end process.

A team dedicated to your success

When it comes to software in the architecture, engineering, or construction industry, many factors come into play in evaluating the best software option. The reality is that too often, SaaS offerings aren’t able to handle your specific needs. 

What if you could have tailored software that addresses your company's goals and opportunities with technology. Whether that’s information management, drafting and design technology, or integrations with your ERP or CRM systems, we have extensive experience delivering the tools you need to be successful.

Take a look at some examples: - A design tool for deck construction

With our LightningCAD framework, we created a user-guided design tool for deck building. By learning the building rules to create decks up to code, you can sketch your design in 2D, see your deck in 3D, and export an optimized cut list, blueprints, and parts breakdowns.

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RapidAir - Pipes and fittings design tool with integrations

This solution delivered a LightningCAD user-guided design tool that connects to their ERP. The process management component of this custom solution enabled a streamlined end-to-end process that optimizes RapidAir's operations. 

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Our LightningCAD framework gives you the opportunity to optimize the knowledge of your experts and building process. LightningCAD is customized for your business to automate your design and configuration rules so that your team can operate more efficiently, with greater accuracy. Custom LightningCAD solutions offer great value to architecture, engineering, and construction companies that are looking to scale, optimize their employees effectiveness, and generate more revenue. 

Learn more about our LightningCAD framework today!