Year in Review 2023

As 2023 comes to an end, we wanted to take some time to reflect on the year and all that has gone into making it a great one! 

RoleModel strives to be a company that is people and partnership-focused. We don’t want to just create software; we want to make a real impact on the people and businesses we partner with—that’s the most important legacy to us. We strive to be true partners with our customers, not just a vendor, to advance their mission and create software that is instrumental in bringing their visions to life. Internally we focus on developing people into leaders and launching careers through mentorship and collaboration. 

2023 Theme: Increasing Capacity to Serve

Our 2023 theme was increasing our capacity to serve. We described this as stepping on the G.A.S. from our foundation of success in 2022. We focused on Growing individuals, Adding to the team, and Scaling our impact.

This year, our target was further clarifying the path of growth for mid-level developers and designers and seeing everyone advance a level. We did this by introducing a new Craftsmanship Radar tool that better defines the expectations and responsibilities of each level and streamlines the assessment process through clear peer and mentor feedback. Additionally, we knighted a new Craftsman, Sean Kennedy.

We also added nine people to our team this year!  Reed, Sean, Justin, Hunter, Benj, Connor, and Blaine joined us as developers, Dallas as a designer, and Mitch as our Project Delivery Manager. 

Lastly, we focused on scaling our impact with our partners. We did this through strategic CCC Day experiments to expand our capabilities and seek more efficient and consistent ways to deliver value to our customers. We also completed 20 Expertise Amplification projects this year, with four more in progress. These are part of our 10-year target to deliver 100 software projects that provide expertise amplification (new or significantly improved capabilities or processes). We are already halfway there.

Retreat: Team Environment for Growth

Each year we host a company retreat with employees and their families to further relationships, build culture, and collaboratively set the direction for our upcoming year. This year, our annual company retreat was held in Asheville, North Carolina. A facet of our theme for the year was improving the way we grow people. This led to our retreat theme of nurturing a Team Environment for Growth anchored in our core values of Character, Collaboration, and Craftsmanship. While in Asheville, we took a team trip to see the Biltmore Estate and spent some time exploring Asheville, furthering relationships, and sharing experiences outside of work. 

2024 Theme: Impact Mindset

Our 2024 theme and focus is on building an Impact Mindset inspired by the concepts and practices of Liz Wiseman’s book, Impact Players. We will be looking at how we can apply this mindset personally through attitudes and habits to build deeper trust and credibility as a team focused on the W.I.N (what’s important now) with our customers. In support of that, we’ll be working to further define, and refine the unique RoleModel Way of approaching various areas of the business and our projects. We are starting with Mentorship, Design, Project Management, and Testing. Intending to add depth of understanding internally and externally. 

We are proud of the work we’ve done in 2023. See you in 2024!