The 3 C's of RoleModel

How would it feel to work for eight years in a job you love, a job you have a passion for, a job you excel in – and to be recognized by the founder of the company as who he wants to put in charge as the CEO?  Do you think there is any pressure there? Oh, while the CEO continues to work at the company!

Well, our guest today has achieved that level of success – and doing it while maintaining his Christian core values and – we should add – the company’s core Christian values as well. Amen!

Caleb Woods grew up in Michigan and started working in a financial consulting firm while still in high school…praise God!  While there, he progressed so fast he soon began customizing CMS plugins and even writing some JavaScript himself. Amen!

He pursued a college degree in Computer Information and Technology through an accelerated program as part of CollegePlus. They were so impressed with his abilities, they offered him a position with their company.

Fast forward a bit and CollegePlus needed help from a software development company and, in the Lord’s plan and timing, Caleb was offered a position with this company, called RoleModel.

After working on a project building a cloud-based storage service for the Agricultural industry and streamlining that process, he was soon put in charge of other projects and provided great insights and initiated some applications that streamlined his company’s operations. For this, he was named the Software Director at RoleModel.  He continued to take on more and more leadership roles as was quickly promoted to Chief Technology Officer.

Then, just a short time ago, Caleb was promoted by the business founder to the role of Chief Executive Officer for RoleModel, a Christian founded custom software company in Holly Springs, NC.

Caleb says the purpose of RoleModel is to “glorify God by applying their craft to serve business innovators and colleagues.” RoleModel is now 20 years old and is a world-class, collaborative software development team with over $5 million of projected revenue and over 30 employees that are all dedicated to delivering the highest quality, custom web and mobile software solutions while cultivating a work environment where community, family, learning and mentoring flourish.  AMEN!

I encourage you to get in touch with Caleb Woods. Reach out to him. Ask him questions. See if he and his staff at RoleModel Software can assist you in developing that missing piece of the puzzle that will propel you to the next level of success. Ask Caleb to come and speak at your conferences. Basically, just get in touch with him today and at least start the conversation.