Software Craftsmanship

This week Caleb Woods, CEO and Senior Software Craftsman at RoleModel Software joins the podcast. Caleb and I talk about the role of craftsmanship in developing and maintaining software (or really anything else).

Caleb Woods – RoleModel’s CEO – Caleb is a proven leader with extensive experience evaluating technology trends, leading teams, and implementing best practices. As CEO, Caleb promotes continuous improvement while cultivating a collaborative work environment.

Caleb is a technologist who understands and solves complex business problems. He has a passion for software craftsmanship and producing sustainable software and has become the visionary leader of the next generation of RoleModel Software.

Caleb began his software career as a web developer at an academic coaching company, where he gained experience in infrastructure migrations, team leadership, and business analysis. He’s continued that dedication to technology advancement. At his previous position as Chief Technology Officer for RoleModel, Caleb led the expansion of the company’s technical and design craftsmanship capabilities. That background helps Caleb effectively develop and evaluate RoleModel’s technology landscape. Caleb sets the vision for the company’s strategic full-stack architecture and is an expert at putting together high-performance teams and matching them to clients/projects’ needs.

Caleb also applies the ideas of continuous improvement to his personal life through effective micro habits and is a big believer in intermittent fasting. He also enjoys playing disc golf, cycling, and watching Michigan State football and basketball. He and his wife, Kimberly, have three young kids.