Process Improvement

Time, quality of work, employee effectiveness. We understand that no matter how good your performance is, there are always opportunities for improvement. When it comes to technology, companies often find themselves adjusting their workflow to fit their software tools, when instead they could have custom software that would enhance their desired workflow.

Key Takeaways

Process first, Software second

Delivering effective custom software solutions starts by working with you to identify ways to improve your overall process first, and then strengthening that workflow with tailored software.

Eliminate Gaps & Bottlenecks

When your business process has communication or data management gaps it can cause costly bottlenecks. We can help you identify ways to eliminate these headaches, and deliver software tools to bridge the gaps.

Realize Your Ideal End-to-End Process

The business application of your custom software matters as much or more as the quality of software itself. We deliver both by using our extensive experience to walk with you and identify your ideal workflow together.

RoleModel’s team was fantastic to work with from start to finish. Their team drove the solution design and sought to understand our business process so deeply that they were able to suggest improvements. They kept our best interest in mind, treating our money as their own, and responding quickly to feedback. RoleModel Software delivered working software in days, and ultimately exceeded our expectations in translating our spreadsheet heavy process into dynamic software.

Rick Jessee
Director of Operation and Business Excellence
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You're an expert in your industry, and our goal as your software partner is to learn from your experience and work together to not only create the tools you need to work without bottlenecks, but also problem solve ways to improve your process overall. Our dedicated team of US developers have extensive experience evaluating business processes with our clients to identify ways to optimize your workflow. This means that you don't need to have the entire scope of your project defined before we work together. Our agile development process enables us to start building your solution where you're in the drivers seat so that your ultimate software asset fits you like a tailored suit. We develop in an iterative process (see more about Iterations) where we keep your ideal destination front of mind daily. 

Often companies recognize they have a need to improve their workflow, but don't know where to start. Our goal is to help you ask the right questions, and find the critical pain points to solve. 

There are two key indicators that you might need custom software to enhance your workflow:

1. Over-dependence on spreadsheets 

Custom software is a massive opportunity if you find yourself using spreadsheets to manage data where communication, visibility, and accuracy are problematic. The investment to streamline your data management has proven time and time again to exponentially enhance performance and improve your bottom line. 

2. Sensing gaps in ERP performance

What can't your ERP do? In order for you to improve your process, it might be time to eliminate the frustration of technology insufficiency. We have a proven track record helping companies remove gaps in technology by delivering sustainable software that frees up operations to perform without limitations.

Whether you have a workflow that needs improvement, need software to enhance existing systems, or you need to create a new workflow from scratch, custom software could be the missing link. We want to work with you to discover your needs, and intimately learn your domain so your company can streamline your process, and scale sustainably! (see about business scaling) 

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Case Study Highlights

Design and delivery streamlined with user-guided 3D design tool

  • Technicians seeing >50% savings on design time
  • Expert knowledge translated into seamless 3D automation
  • Cloud-based system accessible to a wider audience
  • Delivers files ready for 3D printing
  • Enabled product feasibility

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Streamlined quoting software for contract manufacturing

  • Allows multiple departments and sales reps to create estimates and orders
  • Integrates seamlessly with the company ERP system to eliminate double data entry
  • Provides a digital work queue
  • Saved 10-12 labor hours a week, and has provided an overall ROI of >30%

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Custom application replacing spreadsheets for complex processes

  • Custom application accurately reflects scientists’ domain
  • Allows specification of complex biological and chemical processes
  • Supports version control and version comparisons of Bills of Materials
  • Minimum Viable Product delivered in 15 weeks

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