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When you are ready to scale, there are several aspects to consider. Of course, you could add more employees to increase capacity, or you could utilize technology to make your current employees more effective, streamline your operations, and open the door to more opportunities. After more than 100 successful projects, we've found at RoleModel that not only can custom software deliver sustainable tools that make your team more productive, but the process of developing custom software can also provide additional insight on ways your business can scale. Explore with us how we can help turn the skills your team already has into tools that will allow you to achieve sustainable growth.

Key Takeaways

Scale without Adding headcount

Maximize the productivity of your employees by providing tools that enable them to work more effectively. The investment of custom software can give your team the chance to triple their output.

Translate expertise Into software

Optimize the knowledge of your experts by using custom software to provide visibility and access to their expertise for less skilled employees. Your whole team will become more capable and able to reach more customers.

Minimize errors through Automation

Automating bad practices gets you to the wrong destination faster. We want to work with you to identify the right processes to automate and help you get to your goals quickly with more accuracy.

Quoting times have been drastically reduced from about 4 hours to 30 minutes. Our quoting consistency has vastly improved and the guys are absolutely over the moon about it. Using the configurator to 'bypass' the drafting team and go directly to manufacturing has reduced production lead times by 3-4 days. The ROI on our current use of the software internally is massive--at least 80%. Rolling out the software for use by all of our distributors and installers will increase our return even more!

Rodney Pudney, Design Engineer, Sayfa Group

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What can stand in the way of your business scaling? Are there communication gaps in your workflow? Do you struggle with managaging data from end to end? At the end of the day, most companies have an opportunity to increase revenue, minimize errors, and increase employee productivity with tailored software.
RoleModel Software's Craftsmen are not just experienced in custom software, but are business problem focused as well. This means that the process of developing custom software with our team not only produces a software asset that will help your company scale, but together we will learn how to improve your overall workflow as well.
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We want to be your guide to help you acheive your business vision.
How can custom software help your business scale?


Automating bad practices gets you to the wrong destination faster. We want to work with you to identify the right processes to automate and help you achieve your goals quickly with more accuracy. Quality automation can empower less skilled employees to perform at a high level, free up your experts to focus on pertinent tasks, and minimize errors with software that knows your domain.

Seamless Workflow

Technology roadblocks and inefficiencies in your company's workflow can create costly time waste. By working together to identify your ideal end-to-end process will free your business to perform at a greater capacity without adding headcount. RoleModel Software focuses on "software enabled business improvement". This means we're dedicated to help you work more efficiently, eliminate gaps in technology, and help you scale!

Minimize Errors

You might see opportunities to work faster, but you recognize that a by-product might be an increased number of mistakes. Utilizing custom software tailored to your business can prevent costly errors. Through building constraints and guides to your workflow with custom software you can lower the risk of human error, and experience greater productivity.
Side note: Our custom software experience has produced software assets that seamlessly integrate with a large number of external technologies. From ERP and CRM systems, to your internal tools, we can help you close the gaps.
If you're not sure how custom software can help your company scale, reach out to us and a member of our senior team would love discuss your options at no cost to you!

Case Study Highlights

Design tool to increase order volume without adding headcount

  • Allows a customer to design a 2D/3D pipe system for their space visually in minutes, without an estimator
  • Includes the ability to present compatible up-sell accessories
  • Reduced small customer estimating time from days to hours
  • Integrates with CRM for better order-management
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Streamlined quoting software for contract manufacturing

  • Allows multiple departments and sales reps to create estimates and orders
  • Integrates seamlessly with the company ERP system to eliminate double data entry
  • Provides a digital work queue
  • Saved 10-12 labor hours a week, and has provided an overall ROI of >30%
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App for designing fall safety platforms without a draftsperson

  • Reduced estimation time from 4+ hours to roughly 30 minutes
  • Automated much of Sayfa's existing paper-based estimation workflow
  • Allows users to see a complete 3D design rendering in a browser
  • Generates detailed parts for the existing ERP system to produce quotes
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