Business Consultation

You have a business, and see an opportunity to improve with technology. What are your options, and how can you be sure that your solution is going to grow with your company?

After 25+ years in custom software development, we’ve become experts at helping you identify the best route to take with technology, whether that’s by partnering with us or not.

We’ve recognized that a beneficial partnership only happens when both parties are collaboratively working together on improving the business, not just building software. From our first conversation together, to a discussion during a five year partnership, our goal is to be your guide in the world of technology.

We do this through business consultation throughout our process.

Setting the Direction

Before we dive into tailoring software to your business, we want to learn your company’s goals, needs, and opportunities with you to identify how to provide the most value for your investment in software. After extensive experience with business-specific custom software, we’ve become experts at highlighting opportunities and managing expectations.

We want to work with you to break down your goals as a company and create a game-plan to help you envision what can be done with custom software, what you can expect from the process, and deep-dive into opportunities you might haven’t considered yet.

They’re more than just a software company – they understand business, and work well within this realm. They excel in translating technical conversations into layperson’s terms. They also helped us figure out our cost-benefit ratio as we decided which path to go down throughout the process. They’re customer-goal focused.

John Ballard
Absolute Dental Services

How we help

Long Term Vision

A built in component of our process is to work with you to break down your goals with technology and brainstorm the best ways to give you the most value for your investment


After 25+ years of custom software development applied to business’ from startups to fortune 500 companies, our team uses our wealth of knowledge to help your company.

Your Value Prioritized

We treat your money as our own. This means that managing your project is more than just delivering software, but making sure your project is on track, and optimizing your investment.

During Software Development

As we start tailoring software to your business, we will discover new opportunities along the way. Our team provides valuable insight and awareness of software innovation to help you understand trade-offs and how to make the most out of your investment. Rather than building software to a pre-determined spec, we work in close communication with you to ensure that your ultimate software asset is even better than what we imagined at the start of the project.

We Do This Through:

Active Communication

We listen to your feedback and company goals to help guide you in the development process. The better we can identify opportunities and solutions, the more effective your tool will be.


Not everything needs to be custom. When we can help you save money by finding areas that can be solved with cheaper options, our team can streamline interaction with the tools you need.

Iterative Value

Every custom software project will encounter trade-offs and adjustments. After driving hundreds of successful custom software projects, we will help you stay focused on your goals.

They were able to take a complex scientific process and learn very quickly how to enable it to develop a solution that not only met our requirements but exceeded them.

Rick Jessee
Director of Operational and Business Excellence
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